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Star Wars Ice Lolly

Star Wars Episode 1 Ice Lolly

Produced by Walls
Cold hard cash: 45p

Initial impressions of this were 'wow, I can eat a Star Wars lolly for the first time in like 20 frickin years or summat!' This led immediately to 'Has it been that long?' and feeling like youth is slipping away.

Before we continue, if you are reading this in America, I HATE YOU!! It's bad enough that we can't get Twinkies over here in the UK, but nooo, you have to make us wait an extra two months to see the new [censored] Star Wars movies ya [censored] [censored]s!

I hold each and every one of you individually responsible.

It's shaped like one of them battle droid things and it's green coloured. I associate green with citrus fruits so it took me awhile to figure out it was actually apple flavouring flavoured (and yes I do mean flavouring flavoured). Then there's this sorta orange bit in the middle which is sort of indeterminately fruity.

Slightly disappointing is the lack of a collectibility aspect to the product - we would hope for a free sticker (six to collect). Or a plastic stick shaped like one of the main characters (a bit like those Buddy Holly sporks they have in KFC).

Overall it was an interesting snack experience. It had a pleasing blend of nostalgia and newness due to the licensing aspect. I am not sure that I would indulge myself in this again due to the overall fakeness of the flavour.

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