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(The Real) McCoy's

KP Foods
Costs about 30p

This is your basic salted chunky crisp (or potato chip as I understand some backward cultures call them). The potato content means that there is plenty of starch and I am a firm believer in starch as a valuable component of a worthwhile snack. This is not to say that a lack of starch means an inferior snack, but it certainly does say that a decent amount of starch is usually a good thing.

Texturally, McCoy's are very satisfying both before and after the initial bout of mastication. In flavour the ready salted variety is perhaps a touch of a disappointment, however this is amply compensated for by the other flavours available.

The only downer with this pack is that it did not contain a Canadian Holiday. I wanted to meet that Mountie off the old Labbats adverts. And punch him in the crack.

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