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This is part of a series of paintings about the nature of God. The whole series was intensely personal for me, while I was creating them I felt it was the most incredibly, centred period of my entire life. Except possibly for the three weeks in April 1996 I spent tripping on acid at a monastery in the Shetlands with a performing troupe of Benedictine Hindu monks.

Ah, happy times.


The aim of the Etherea series was to create a sense of the unknown but at the same time to evoke the safe and the secure. Etherea 4a is quite deliberately about the return to the womb which psychologists tell us we all yearn for: Safe, warm, dark.

This is a stark contrast to the alien image of the unborn child, surely an influencing factor in the nightmare images recounted by abductees? Don't know what primal fear that anal probe business is related to at all though.


I started the Divinity series before I went to stay with the monks, and continued it afterwards. It will come as a surprise to you to know that this picture was actually done before I went there, while I was living in a flat in Camden. I grew up on the street, you know, yes, I am the street. Don't tread on me, man, you will know about it.

In some ways I feel that this picture is closer to my hope to capture the essence of God than my other Divinity paintings, or perhaps even closer than a pangolin eating tagliatelle.


This piece is about the order we enforce upon our little worlds, the falsehood that we can control everything, the terrifying forces of nature, oh GOD no they're coming for me, it will end soon I can't stop it, I can see them in the walls, the FROGSS, the terrible frogs NO NOOO NOOO keep them off they're touching me and they don't feel too nice, help me, send Pez, Pez will scare them away.

Ahem. And any imposed system must crack. Leading to disorder. And chaos. And blood all over the walls.


I hope to bring you some more of my work in future, perhaps including some of my modestly famous installation pieces such as Crushed Coke Cans in Formaldehyde, Funny-Shaped Bowl and Man off the Telly With a Big Fat Arse.

Notice: Images contained in this page are the property of the author. You should not in any way copy or distribute these images. Original commisions for paintings and installations are undertaken for upwards of 1000 pounds sterling. Send requests by email.

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