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Gallery 3

Here at last is a couple of my long promised sculptural works, both of which were made in April 1996. The photographs were created in collaboration with Heavy Perm, a rebel photographer working at the furthest boundaries of human competence. Perm has moved to a new provider so the link should now be reliable.


The sweet sugary tempting image of a mint is captured in this six-foot bronze casting. But of course it is not a sweet mint at all: In its original site the cast was suspended so that the mint's unsullied face was presented to viewers that entered the gallery, and the acned side was only revealed as they circled around behind. The title is known to the viewer when they first see it and thus the object has a dual meaning. When first seen it is simply a duplicate of a tempting treat and represents temptation and moral corruption. Then the true face of the mint is revealed and the object's aspect as an icon of physical imperfection and entropy is revealed.

Sadly the installation was altered when the supporting wires collapsed and Kieth Richard's second cousin was tragically killed by the falling bonbon.


Another piece created as a result of my experiences in East Berlin after the collapse of the wall. Here I was forced to become a scavenger and mercenary to survive in the ravaged post-nuclear landscape and survived on my wits, always strung out and hopped up on parma violets, the sweets that were used almost like a currency until it was pointed out that most shops wouldn't accept them.

It was bloody funny. We all laughed about that.

Carb-uncle gallery

Next time there should be more paintings and I do hope to bring you Toilet Brush - up your arse. If the German owner will allow me I also hope to be getting photographs of Darth Vader's Head on a Cake.

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