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Jazz, with Michael St. Quintin-St. John-Jones-Bowen-Thomas.

This week sees the release of the long awaited Debut album from the Weston Super Mare based outfit Ian Jazz and his Jazzing Ians. A raucous, confrontational and sometimes violent combo, The Ians live sets are infamous from Chelsea to the other end of Chelsea for their tendency to dissolve into Special-Brew soaked, syncopated punch-ups.

The LP (for it is only available on this format) begins with the suitably beery "Trousered at Lunchtime", a rambling, occasionally incomprehensible lyric smoothly mixed with some shamelessly retro Bebop in the the style of Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Parker, or The Mini Pops. The couplet "I ain't got time for no distractions / I just want some Mr Porky's Pork Scratchings" is clumsy but certainly a poignant highlight, given Ian Jazz's recent and well publicised problems in his personal life.

The rest of the LP is largely taken up with the band preparing to play the next number "I wanted to be with you (but there was a lock-in down The Swan and my mate Dave just got his Giro)", and the arguments that ensue, be they between the band, (drummer Ian Snare ferociously defends his use of a vintage Muppets childs drumset, claiming that the 12" bass drum "Swings like Rolph") between the band and producer Harold Clim (formerly with African Jazz/Chanting act Weeefallnarrrteeplop) and between everyone in the studio and the cleaner who maintains that they have no right to be in her equipment store. When the song does get going (with the cleaner roped in to play rototoms, and wind up the Zoid motor that is so much a part of their sound) it turns out to be utter shite, sounding similar to the demo of "Just the way You are" on the Yamaha PSS240 home keyboard.

**** them.

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