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Road Crew

Kgrgk Disx
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This is it, the ultimate urban monster from the massively talented Barnsley quintet known as Road Crew. Bev Skinnard is triumphant on vocals and lead guitar, Bev Loogie is resplendant on vocals and lead guitar, and Bev Completeanduttershite is equally amazing in his innovative use of guitar and lead vocals. Bev Bev's hi-hat tambourine is perhaps a let-down but his stunning Conchmanship in Conch shells are instruments too more than makes up for it.

The album is characterised by it's Byrdsy guitar arpeggios and annoyingly PC anti-drugs subtext. While laudable it seems rich from a band whose lead vocalist/guitarist, Bev Colander, reputedly needs a half-kilo brick to get him on stage. Look what it did to Zammo in Grange Hill, and have we learnt from this? NO!

Particularly commendable is the band's decision to include an extra CD ROM track specifically to compliment the album. The CD ROM includes a full version of Street Fighter Alpha V and the Bleem! PSX emulator, plus video clips of the new Star Wars film. (STOP PRESS: This was apparently included by a man at the duplication plant and may result in legal action being taken against the band)

If you love heavy beats then you need this album before it's withdrawn!

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