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Harry Marlboro

Rectal Records
Out now

Following on from his masterful Man Who Loved Bass (about the fish not the sound) Harry Marlboro returns with another eclectic melange of musical sponge cake. The album opens with a cover of Starship's We Built This City which is just as rank as you would expect. Marlboro follows up with the storming Techno beats of TomyTronic 3D: Shark Attack, a track punctuated by Byrdsy guitar arpeggios which are eventually used as a bridge to the next track, Tom Jones which is actually about the bloke who sells fish in Marlboro's home town, not the aging Welsh croaker.

From hereon in the order of the tracks is pretty much irrelevant (and I would have to note that swapping the order of the 6th and 7th tracks is the only way to record it on a C60, rather inconsiderate of Mr M). As usual a range of musical styles is represented, from the euro-goth movement to the emergent progressive ethno-regressive dance styles from the dance floors of Banbury. One track is mixed entirely from the sounds or Marlboro's own whines, screams and groans, with the beat being made up of the noises produced when Norman Cook's moist body is slapped with various kitchen implements. Marlboro is a precocious talent and this is another superb album.

I hate his guts, do not buy this or I will kill you.

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