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3 Days, No Flush
Loit Veruca

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Climbing from the fetid coital pits of Barnstable comes four-piece Loit Veruca. Believing that one can only truly become aroused by looking at brightly coloured geometric shapes, the band were unpopular in their home town of Ultraconservativeville, Illinois, particularly after the Origami Fair incident. Moving to the Transylvanian village of Yipp, the band found their place in the Canterbury Philatelists Society before achieving success with Guatemalan independent record player Flump On A Stick. FOAS released Loit Veruca's home-made jam recipe via a series of cuckoo eggs on Napster and the rest is history buff.

In this, their first release on a major, Loit Veruca are still finding their hat size, but this does not prevent their talents from shining shoes. Nergal Llurgoyf dredges new depths on harpsichord, and Hickersgill Phlegm beats out a satisfying caveman rhythm on euphonium. The only member truly worthy of mention is Lionel Acorntrouser, and this is due to his unusual parentage, as he is said to be the offspring of Jimmy Smits and Walmart. Smits has denied this, claiming he is still faithful to the Star Wars Trilogy.

LV's prime cuts from this album include topside and silverside. Also features yah Sock Suspender n2 Bicycle Clip yah (aka Booboowah Gregor Fisher), and dancehall monster groove pappy Come Into The Garden Maude.

This record will be used as a benchmark against which future, better works will be judged.

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