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The inevitable soundtrack album of the popular childrens TV series, Wildtrack. Features the irritatingly catchy title music with that unidentifiable whistly warbly sound in it. Other delights include old school technobejam cut Gazebo Briquette Rhaphsody, and Amour de Silage, presenter Nutkin Terrys' experimental acid jazz punk bunk blues junglist swanee whistle punk unfixed bogie pop zoot suit panku ponk punk jazz spunk punk trunk trank funk punk. Punk. Which is shit.

The 8-track version also features a new mix of the classic Johnny Morris cover of the theme music from Fireball XL5, which has been greatly enhanced by the addition of a thumping bassline without consideration for the original's lighter sound. It's also odd that this and the Nutkins track are included, given that they are both most readily associated not with Wildtrack, but The Onedin Line.

A strong compilation of hard to find grooves and essential underground rhythms, apart from tracks 1, 3-7, 9-17, and the last track 19. Actually 2, 8, and 18 are available as singles so you may as well just buy those.

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