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When Ships Go Backwards EP

DJ Jackson and Fresh Truslove

Jim B Disks
Released 26/10/00

Review by Alan P Thorpe

The boys Jackson and Truslove show us once again that they are to modern music what Keanan and Kel are to American comedy with their latest offering. Will Thanet's premier slice masters' new project be Hip-Hop heroism or a mingin' pile of old stale Pringles, that have been soaked in a turgid mixture of Metz and Budweiser. Overnight.

The pseudo follow up from their last Album "Gone For Breakfast - Wait Here" starts with "Holiday First Day", this track starts with a surprising looped sample from ELO's "Twilight" before Jackson's own brand of boom-box and random shouting of Video Game titles encroaches upon the subtle piano of the aforementioned classic rock track. Then Fresh assaults the senses with scratches and beats that are strangely reminiscent of the lost version of "Angel Of Death" sung in a Soho lap dancing bar by Kiniko Ohmori. The second track is simply called "Jumping At Imaginary Walls" and features the chilling screaming of a drunk who has sprained his ankle and is unable to walk, with backing by another drunk who is constantly vomiting all over the place, while laughing uncontrollably at his companion who has by now (the counter on the CD player reads 2 minutes 47 seconds) passed out from the pain. The laughter (and indeed vomit) continues unabated for another 3 minutes. The third and final track of the EP shows what the dynamic duo might have in store for us in their next album, with the title track "When Ships go Backwards - The Mellow Dub Link" This track comprises of the sound of a strained toy car motor held on a non-stick grill pan ,with a veritable myriad of diverse samples super-glued on top. These include vibrating Bish-Bash styled Hidaka Noriko and Sakuma Rei slices and the sound of the Whalers of the Sea of Tranquility jumping on Admiral Crunch in a 27 bottle vat of Red Square while wrapped in a nice duvet to the back beats of the theme from the Crystal Maze.

On reflection, listening to this reminded me of how easy it is to make records. Go boys go. Like now. Please.

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