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Osmo the Behavioural Goat

Gimball Willits

Heterodoxical Records
Available in two shakes of a lamb's spinal column

Review by Mr Matchstick

The former frontman of Cheltenham rockingchair KissMyFace, Gimball Willits, serves up his first steaming brown cup of rich solo tea.

Aided by diverse contributors such as Keith Impalafancier of Loit Veruca, Eminem's second cousin, and his pet mudskipper Claude, Willits delivers a dependable array of politically volatile folky blues-tinged rock ballads and massive kickin' junglist beats.

A fine example of this is Long Winter Cheddar, a bitter satire of High School PTA cheese and wine evenings, which features Alan Bennett on subvocal socialist rumblings.

Of particular note is Expelling Crab Meat, a storming bandstand trembler of a track about Willit's well-publicised antimacassar collection. Features backing vocals by her out of The B-52's, and retching by Apollo 440.

Unfortunately the filk track Buying A Superman T-Shirt (Only with the old logo not that new one) is utter wank. Because of this I recommend you not only avoid this album, but also send Willits boxes of dried cat vomit, labeled as popping candy, by courier mail. You may also wish to fax him photographs of mating rhinos onto which his mother's face has been digitally superimposed.

A work of potential genius marred by the musical equivalent of a shit in a trifle.

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