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Usbourne Shet

Carp/Cake Conundrum

Usbourne Shet

Identity Disks
Released through a fire hose nozzle

Review by Mr Matchstick

With their second album, Hectic Brick, Usbourne Shet established the downbeat motorised sound that has become their trademark through subsequent releases Parps Unknown, Camberwick Grief and most recently the Jegging Crease EP. New release Carp/Cake Conundrum continues in this well-worn groove and represents a band at the height of their mediocrity.

Some bands can be criticised for having an issues-led, overly moralistic feel with a track listing that reads like a year of indignant broadsheet headlines. By Contrast, Usbourne Shet's newest release seems constructed from tag lines torn from the fronts of unchallenging magazines for middle-aged women. From the opening trio of My Son the Superscout, I Was Saved by a Goat and Intimate Freshness, the album continues through a brace of tracks about medical procedures and amusing things people’s kids have done, leading to its natural conclusion in a letters page and John Barrowman-themed wordsearch.

Overall I would describe the album as marginally less grating than the whiny little prick out of Wheatus singing falsetto.

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