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Great Railway Journeys Number 2

Norwich to North Walsham
By guest writer Mr C from the Shamen.

There's some old ladies in the house! Old ladies gimme a yeah! Oh. Alright.

Schoolkids in the house! Gimme a - ah right, yeah be cool, put the mobile away, there's no need to call the police

Listen 2 my lyrical words, yeah!

This train it's in Norwich,
    it's going on the line
I'm seeing a woman,
    and she is seeing me
I'm say I'm from the Shamen
    and my name is Mr C,
She says they ain't done nothing goode
    Since 1993.

So I got off at Salhouse and shot myself.

Mr C's will indicates that donations should be sent to Phlange. Phlange is a charitable organisation dedicated to helping people survive as part of a band when they are clearly an untalented rhythmless twat.

Next week, Penistone to Huddersfield with Mr Matchstick from the website 'Bad Apple'.

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