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BAP3DM1 Eat Steak

Type: DM, 3-6 players
Custom textures: Crappy light thingy, trim texture, BAP egoboost computer, skybox

The initial layout intended for Eat Steak evolved from three different gothic DM maps that I'd sketched out but not actually properly built. When I roughed out the level using big brushes I found the layout intended didn't quite work as I had expected. I made a fudge that I later decided was a bad one, and ended up reconstructing a lot of detailed architecture as a result of this. This was a bit of a learning experience I guess, and what I learnt was that you should never add detail to a map until you have the layout down right. Duh. Bits of the other two maps did get used in the final version though.

The current layout has one main interior area where most of the fighting happens, and an exterior area with an odd rounded piece of architecture. There is an exterior section with a quad and a tower, and a couple of other interior areas that exist mainly exist to connect things up.

..::LvL has given a fair and equitable review of the level here. Additionally the map is now on this page at Spankenstein's Reliquary where you will be able to see what the public thinks, er, assuming anyone comments.

You can download the level here or here (2.3MB). Alternatively you can get it via the ..::LvL review, or the page at Spankenstein's Reliquary.

Screenshots open in an external window.

There is a page with older shots of the Beta releases of this map.

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