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BAP3DM2 - Cachectic Machination


Type: DM, 3-6 players, TDM 2v2
Custom textures: Lots of lovely Clockwork Droid textures

A small FFA map. Well it's kinda small. It's compact I guess, but uses most of the area available to it on two or three levels so it's probably good for 3-6 players. It mainly uses custom textures, mostly Rorschach's amazing Clockwork Droid texture set for Head Hunters 3, plus a fudged id brick texture, and a couple of things I knocked out myself. A couple of textures from Shaderlab proved useful earlier in development and in the released betas, but these are no longer in.

You can download the map here (2.5MB).

screenshot   screenshot   screenshot

screenshot   screenshot   screenshot

If you're interested in how maps develop, there's some screens from the betas here.

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