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KEDBAPTNY1 - The Unnamed


Type: Tourney, FFA 3-5 players
Custom textures: Evil 7: Dismal Solace set, plus modified id textures

This map's layout and item placement was originally created by keditok, with a definite tech style. The map's original tech form, entitled Metal Harmonics, can be downloaded here. Metal Harmonics was fun to play in its beta test period on the now defunct Aardvark servers, with an insanely bouncy play style that is in some ways reminiscent of q3dm16, but without the unpleasant risk of the void. One testing session, ked and I had a long discussion about the aesthetics of the map, and ked passed the map file over to me after we somehow came to the idea of me doing a retextured version.

The initial internal beta saw a map very close to the original in terms of layout and item placement. Most of the geometry had been completely reconstructed to accomodate evil_lair's textures and considerable changes were made to detailing to better suit the new texture set and style. After a bit I tinkered some more and did make a couple of layout and item changes - I decided that there wasn't that much point in releasing a map that amounted to little more than a coat of paint on the original (despite all the reconstructing that had gone on). One public beta of this version was released and tested at Aardvark as well as being posted at the Quake3World Level Editing Forum. As I had expected the focus of the gameplay on the map changed quite a bit in this version. Opinion on the forums was generally positive and some suggested it was good enough to be called final, however ked and I both felt that although the new map was an interesting alternative, something was not quite right in the gameplay. It might have just been that we were so familiar with the original setup of Metal Harmonics that The Unnamed still seemed jarring. Sadly it was around this time that testing on the Aardvark servers began to fizzle out, so the map has been gathering dust waiting for a reevaluation, and hopefully a spark of inspiration, since then.

The screenshots actually reflect the internal beta version rather than the released beta.

screenshot   screenshot   screenshot

screenshot   screenshot

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