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Turtlemap 3 - Soma, Inc.

Type: CTF, 3-5 player teams
Custom textures: Jumppads, various slogans and logos.
Construction time: One week, including textures.

This map had been in the back of my mind for a while, or at least the seed of an idea for it had, even if it was only as much as "ctf, fascist concrete architecture, cola sponsorship". When Turtlemap 3 rolled around, I finally built it. In coupling the fascistic architectural style with a cola named after the drug Soma from Aldous Huxley's novel Brave New World I was trying to make a wry comment about the evils of multinationals, but the only comments on that aspect of the styling I got were along the lines of "Wow, I really want some of that cola!" despite ominous screens displaying messages telling you to "obey" and "consume". I resolved that I would never again build another map with a clever subtext. I guess a Q3A level is just someplace to shoot folks, after all :)

The TM3 map pack which has been reviewed by ..::LvL, the precise location of said review being here.

I released a beta for an intended seperate, enhanced release, but I'm presently unconvinced that the gameplay is strong enough to warrant continuing that effort, so I hope no-one was waiting on that one. Also, I lost the source files for the textures in a hard disk failure last year, making expanding the set as I had hoped to more difficult. That said, I am happy with how this map turned out for TM3.

Development screenshots

Part of the fun of Turtlemapping is seeing how everyone's map develops over the course of the week, so we normally all post screenshots on the Speedmapping forum and/or IRC channel. Here are the shots of Soma, Inc.'s development.

Screenshots open in an external window.

  • Day one, base interior.
    Note that the base originally had a solid floor... Looked OK on the paper plan but was boring.
  • Day two, base interior.
    By the second day the base has become a set of platforms over a void.
  • Day two, flag platform.
    Note the flag is positioned at one end here instead of centrally.
  • Day six, central area.
    The logos haven't yet been placed but I was happy with how the architecture had turned out, I felt the simple bold shapes were effective.
  • Day six, red base.
    I was having a few problems with bots wanting to jump onto these pads from the wrong side. You may have thought player stacking was a uniquely human behaviour, but no, bots want to do it too!

Here are the shots of the beta for the aborted standalone release, which is geometrically identical to the map in the TM3 pack.

Find out more about TurtleMapping and SpeedMapping here.Unfortunately the downloads for the maps are down, but you can still get the pack from the ..::LvL link above.

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