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Turtlemap 4 - Listen! You Smell Something?

Type: DM, 3-6 players
Custom textures: Mainly new textures made specifically for the map.
Custom models: Jumppads, lights and computers.
Construction time: One week, including textures and models.

I wanted to do something special for TM4, because my TM3 map had been well received and I felt it would be letting the side down badly if I didn't make an extra effort. I decided to use mainly custom textures and construct some custom mapobjects in Maya. Within the time I was actually able to make most of the textures I had wanted to entirely from scratch, and construct simple mapobjects for strip light fittings, wall-alcove computers, jumppads and a bent and broken grate, as well as finishing the actual map of course! I'd also planned to build a custom teleporter model and an intricate glass and steel pipe full of slime, but as the week went on it became clear I was barely going to have time to texture the models I'd already made so I abandoned these ideas to allow more time for finishing the existing models. Even then, I didn't get the brushwork in some areas up to the standard I'd hoped, although in several parts of the map I'm quietly pleased with how good it looks, and overall I'm still amazed I did something this good in just a week!

The TM4 map pack which has been reviewed by ..::LvL, the precise location of said review being here.

I haven't considered releasing this map seperately, it would need a fair bit of work before it warranted that I feel, consisting of extensive additional brush detailing and probably further layout changes too. I do hope to eventually tidy up the textures and mapobjects and release a pack. The source files were created at a very high resolution, so they may even be useable with next-generation engines.

Development screenshots

Part of the fun of Turtlemapping is seeing how everyone's map develops over the course of the week, so we normally all post screenshots on the Speedmapping forum and/or IRC channel. Here are the shots of this map's development.

Screenshots open in an external window.

  • Day one, building exterior.
    A shot showing the exterior of one of the map's two major structures. Note the absence of the upper entrance and bridge that was going to go there later, and also that the building is shorter here than it ended up being.
  • Day one, interior wall.
    I rebuilt this entire wall shortly afterwards, with a lot more brush details. I find it interesting beacuse I can imagine the rusty old cogs turning in mt brain when I look at this one.
  • Day two, access tunnel.
    Here is that wall again, after its makeover. Much better.
  • Day two, rock wall and access tunnel.
    The rock wall is built from a lattice of triangular prism shaped brushes, carefully vertex manipulated to produce a rock-like effect. This technique is know as trisouping. Note the basic Q3 textures in use here - the final build saw them replaced with new ones.
  • Radiant screenshot.
    Taken a few months after TM4 to illustrate the trisouping that had been used. Obviously this shows the custom textures placed late in TM4. All the unseen faces are of course caulked, and the brushes made detail so that they don't create a lot of messy BSP splits and tiny leaves and portals.
  • Day two, interior.
    The join between that access tunnel and the building interior. Note the brightness on this shot has been upped quite a bit, I hadn't properly lit the area at this stage.
  • Day four, building exterior.
    The exterior of the second building gets fleshed out a bit more. You've probably noticed that the texture set is something of an homage to the 'cement' textures from the original Doom.
  • Day four, computers.
    The computer models, in game and lit but with no skin or shader yet.
  • Day four, computers again.
    Although unskinned, the models are properly UVed - so adding a quick shader gives this terrifyingly shiny appearance and lets me put the screens in place.
  • Day five, exterior.
    Overly dramatic shot of the join between the two buildings.
  • Day five, exterior.
    This is the second big open area in the map. At the centre of the picture, the other big open area can be seen. At this point the map was actually playable and I was able to take it to work and beta test it over lunch, which was certainly beneficial.
  • Day seven, building interior.
    Blatant reuse of the brushwork from the other building.
  • Day seven, exterior area.
    Note revised layout with balcony for the quad.

Here are some shots of the final version that went into the TM4 pack. Note skinned mapobjects, and new ground, rock and sky textures - the rest of day seven was hectic!

Find out more about TurtleMapping and SpeedMapping here. Unfortunately the downloads for the maps are down, but you can still get the pack from the ..::LvL link above.

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