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Turtlemap 5 - An End Like Any Other

Type: Large DM
Custom textures: Textured in new 'Old Iron' texture set.
Construction time: One week.

I had this idea for a map set on a sea of purple fog. I also had a custom texture set that I'd been working on, on and off, for a few months, which was close to being a fairly rounded set. At the beginning of TM5 I quickly put together a big set of shaders for them and released the texture set exclusively to the other Turtlemappers, and I drew a layout intending to build a map based on that idea and the texture set. As soon as I began laying brushes it became clear that it was not to be - I realised I wanted to do the map mainly in the brownest parts of the Old Iron set, which would very effectively absorb a massive amount of light and really wouldn't go with purple. The fog map would need to use a texture set with much less saturated colours. I changed tack on the layout, deciding to make it more symmetrical than I had initially envisaged, so I could still use my initial layout idea in the foggy map form at a later date. I replaced the sea of fog with a decorative terrain, outside the play area. A big part of the development time was spent on two partial rebuilds of the interior, which I ended up still being unhappy with even at the end. Meanwhile, keditok also used the Old Iron textures to good effect in his TM5 CTF map, The Last Place You Wanna Be.

The TM5 map pack has been reviewed by ..::LvL, the precise location of said review being here.

I currently have no plans to develop this map any further, but I will tidy up the textures for release as a pack at some point.

Development screenshots

Part of the fun of Turtlemapping is seeing how everyone's map develops over the course of the week. Normally all the mappers post screenshots on the Speedmapping forum and/or IRC channel. Here are the shots of An End Like Any Other's development.

Screenshots open in an external window.

  • Day 3, exterior.
    I finally had a quarter finished to clone around and see if the outside was going to look like I expected.
  • Day 4, internal bridge.
    The bridge remained unchanged although its surroundings certainly had more work done.
  • Day 4, corner room.
    At the back you can almost see the original shape of the lifts. These had to be changed because bots only understand lifts whose shape is the same as their axial bounding box. Stupid bots.
  • Day 4, exterior.
    Showing the quad platform to the left. The basic structure was done here but the details and effects for it got more work.
  • Old Iron wall texture.
    With mapper-friendly vertical divisions.
  • Old Iron wall panel texture.
  • Old Iron slimey vent
    I think I'm happiest with the slimey part of the set.

Here are some shots from the final verion in the TM5 pack.

Find out more about TurtleMapping and SpeedMapping here. Unfortunately the downloads for the maps are down, but you can still get the pack from the ..::LvL link above.

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