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Your very first map

Part 1 - The wrong way

I have seen this tutorial too many times. Usually it's not this bad though.

Today's culture is built around instant gratification and 15 second attention spans. So squeal with excitement to learn that within 10 minutes you can build a Quake III Arena map and be the envy of your frag-buddies!

Click to see more big in another window.

First download and install Q3Radiant. Fire it up and press 'p' to open up the preferences dialog (if your keyboard has only uppercase letters use 'P' instead). YOU MUST DO THIS NEXT PART EXACTLY AS WE SAY BECAUSE YOU ARE INCAPABLE OF INDEPENDENT THOUGHT. Underneath where it says 'Views/Rendering' select the third option then push the OK option. Your screen should now look like the picture unless you are stupid. Failure to do this will earn my eternal scorn and ridicule.

Press the 't' key. Then go to the 'Textures' menu and select 'gothic_block'. After a short pause your texture window will show the gothic block textures BUT YOU MAY ONLY CHOOSE THE ONE WE SAY WHICH IS blocks18c_3. Click on it.

Do not question. It is so.

Minimize the textures box. Now press the '4' key - this makes the grid size 8. Do not worry your puny mind with why 4 means 8.

Go to the window called 'XY Top'. Click and drag from -128,128 to 128,-128. This makes a box that is 256x256 in that window but looks flat in the other windows. In the 'YZ side' or 'XZ side' window, click ABOVE the brush and drag upwards until the top is level with the 128 line. See! You have made a 3d block (or brush) and resized it, you are smart, insect. Press the down arrow key to move the camera backwards, outside the brush. See how the funny blue shape shows where the camera is?

Now we have a box - all good maps are box shaped, remember this important lesson. But we cannot get inside a box that is solid so go to the 'Selection' menu and choose 'CSG' then 'Hollow'. Now the box is six brushes instead of one! Move the camera back inside using the up arrow key. Push 'Escape' to stop it being red.

On the 'XY Top' pane, right click inside the box and choose 'light'. If you have a fairly new version of Radiant it might ask you a question now, if it does click OK. click on the new light entity in one of the two other views and drag the light upwards so it is near the roof.

Push 'Escape' to stop the light being red. Now right click again inside the box in the 'XY Top' pane. This time choose 'info' then 'info_player_deathmatch'. This puts a player starting place in the map. Move the box down so that it touches the top of the floor but is not inside it. Make sure it is not inside the wall either.

Click to see the whole radiant window made bigger, insect

Your map should know look a bit like the picture. If not you have failed and are to be ridiculed. Use the file menu to save your map. Then select 'bsp_FullVis' from the Bsp menu. Wait for the map to compile. When it is done run Quake 3 and enjoy the feeble fruits of your labour! Remember, we hate you and cannot explain Radiant to save our lives!


Those of you with no understanding of sarcasm and irony will not have realised the tutorial above contains many things that are horribly wrong.

Now read this tutorial done the right way.

Copyright 2001-2011 Tom Waters -

Bad Apple is not intended for readers under 18 years of age, goats, emus, flukes, capybara, users of CSG subtract, or people who like the name Gary.