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Those who can't do, teach.

These tutorials mainly refer to Quake 3 Arena, but will still be useful for other games based on the Quake 3 engine. Where tutorials deal with brush construction techniques they can also be applied to later Doom 3 engine games, or any other games that are editable in Radiant.

With the exception of the 'first room' tutorial, I generally assume you have some basic knowledge of the Radiant interface. I also assume that you have a reasonable degree of competence in using Windows (or whatever your platform of choice is). Generally, I recommend that you use a recent verion of GtkRadiant - at time of writing this would be either 1.4.0 or the newer 1.5.0 beta. Note that 1.5.0 has some significant interace changes over previous Radiant versions, so you may have trouble finding tutorials specifically written for it.

As of 7 August 2005, I've added a new tutorial out using mapobjects (a.k.a. misc_models) which seems to be troublesome for some new mappers. Also, I've finally got around to giving another proofread and polish to the first part of a tutorial I wrote ages ago which tells you exactly what is wrong with using CSG subtract! Part two will deal with alternative construction methods, but I'm not going to promise when that will be ready. It could be years.

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